Praying in Cleveland

A man in a suit
sells newspapers and fresh fruit
walking car to car
at the corner of
55th and Woodland

I drive a five-mile stretch of city road
that passes 28 churches — now 29
a new warehouse-turned-worship-center
is pouring fresh asphalt
hot under the summer sun

20131021_180859Girls with bright hair clips
walk to school
holding hands
backpacks bouncing
while buses clutter the commute
and the RTA train mocks
the stopped traffic

I watch
their paths, my paths
our collective ways
sidewalks and tracks and potholed roads
daily crisscrossed and rejoined

You know our paths, O God
coming and going
walking, driving, riding
Guide our steps and our ways
Keep our paths crissed-

O LORD, you are acquainted with all our ways. (Psalm 139:3)

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