Pieces and Parts

We are pieces and parts,

particles and bits,

scattered like broken

seashells and seagrass

on a spread of beach sand;

each life tossed, storied,

too many discarded,

disregarded and left

to the gulls for picking.

So often we miss —

in our anxious living

— our connection

across the sand:

grain by grain, the very

stuff of which we’re made

making us one:

your brokenness

and mine together.

IMG_20140718_162107Praying for the parts and pieces that are Gaza and Israel, Ukraine and Russia, children at borders and children in our hometowns, families and friends of those who died on MH17 as well as those who shot the plane from the sky, the citizens of Detroit and the citizens of Iran, teachers and school administrators, judges and lawyers and plaintiffs and defendants, IRS and #IamJada, loved ones and strangers, and all of the particles and bits that are you and me.

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