Holy Spirit, Wild Wind,
on this day of Pentecost
we are gathered.

We are alternately
full of fire and fizzling,
courageous and tentative,
gifted by dreams and haunted by worries.

In other words,
this holy day finds us to be
still wholly human.

Will you fill us up?
Will you awe our hearts
so that we too might understand
your word & work of power in the world?

Will you declare the assurance
that our souls long to hear,
the peace that all your children need,
the renewal that is creation’s hope?

Let it be so,
and we who aspire to be fire
would settle for being your kindling
in this world that needs love.

Let it be so,
and we who dream of flying
would settle for bending in your breeze
like flowers dancing their praises
in a world that needs whimsy.

We ask in wonder.
We pray in astonishment.
We wait for heaven to come among us
like a rush of roaring wind, like a flame
that ignites without ceasing.


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One thought on “Pentecost

  1. Rachel, love the poem and your devotional, “All Together.” I feel a need for a Christian spiritual community. Not sure where I fit in with my views of Jesus as all love, mercy, patience, all-embracing, sacred feminine, masculine, Mother Earth, our universal home. Praying to the Holy Spirit to guide me. I love this line in your poem: “settle for bending in your breeze.” So much of my spiritual journey had been about bending in the breeze and opening to what God has presented me, “this is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Lol, easier said than done, but it is the path. Thanks for your words of wisdom.

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