“New things I now declare;
before they spring forth,
I tell you of them.”
(Isaiah 42:9)

Dear LORD,
please announce
those new things in
a clear and loud voice.
Amidst all of these packed boxes
and the unsettled dust of “former things,”
it can be quite difficult for me to spot
anything new, which is liable
to be efficiently sorted,
labeled in Sharpie,
and only found
at a later

7 thoughts on “Packing

  1. I find I am counting the days till I know you are not next door for me to run into in the grocery store or to see your car not in the parking lot when I drive by.
    I have said my goodbyes; we have given our best hugs to the other and have nothing new to add, no witty remark to impart or insight to reveal or a one last anything to share …
    Still I am not quite centered in missing you and yet knowing you remain within a few miles …

    So I will remain off balance and uncertain and still loving you in your in-between space like I watch my chrysalis to catch it in transformation!
    You see I KNOW in all certainty that it is quietly dissolving from a thousand caterpillar pieces into simply 6 cells all clustered and hanging together under its cremaster. And yet I cannot catch it processing its change.
    I must wait watching nothing until all of a sudden early in the morning a butterfly will emerge in full costume splendor.

    So I will wait for your announcement that you are somewhere other than where I’m pretending not to look – that you are safe and sound in newness; and that I am known and remembered by you
    I will check to find an email subject line that announces “I Have Arrived! ”


  2. It’s Ordinary Time, so how can something new begin?
    Even as we forget to look and notice, even as we tax our brains with the mathematics of Trinity and seek the words to pin God in place. Even as we treat the world as if it’s ours to push around and bend into our ways. Even as, too fascinated with ourselves, we lack the time to stop and be still …may we find the words spoken for us, to us..becoming new for us again:
    Holy, holy, holy ..
    All around us may we discover the language of God: on mountain track, in meadow grass, in blossoming chestnut tree, with blackbird melody, soaring kite and garden pond. In friends, enemies, family, strangers, neighbours – in tragedy, joy, despair, the unfolding of each day, may we know the God-ness of God:
    Holy, holy, holy ..
    In medieval church, in hall church, at home and work and school and street, when we feel lost, when joy and hope seem out of reach, across all the thresholds of our lives, in care of others and of ourselves, even so may holiness rub off on us, whisper to us, shine through us, in all the moments of our days.
    Holy, holy, holy ..

  3. Creator God

    who breathed life into



    created beings

    You are worthy of my


    for Who You are.

    Creator God

    Who is ever forever the Artist of my days–

    carving new paths for me to journey on

    rainbow relationships to be discovered

    fresh growth places for my soul to awaken to

    I welcome Your artistic movement within

    I trust Your wise brush strokes

    as the canvas unfolds.

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