On Faith and Water

Beloved, you are the holy water washing me clean.
I bathe in your cooling grace, praying for comfort
yet finding waves of change.
Only in the mercy of your hand is the water a blessing.
The drops baptize and refresh me beyond expression.
Water surrounds me, still and strong.
My cup overflows.

The water blesses my life with joy and hope.
When the water is turbulent and stormy,
it is the Beloved One bringing me to a new place.

The downpour washes away all that I once knew.
I am left alone with the Beloved in new water.
I wade into this space, alternately timid and bold.
My cup overflows.

Each day I step into the water’s storms and caresses.
If only I could be more confident in my wading,
more intentional as I navigate the pool.

But the gifts of the water are grace and mercy.
I am afloat in the bounty of the Beloved’s love.
How can I doubt the healing of the water?
My cup overflows!

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