More Love

There is not enough.
Let there be more.
Bring about more, O God.
More love.
Like rain for the desert: more love.
Like salve for the wounded: more love.
We are thirsting
and hurting.
More love, O God.
Love to wash away the fear
that hides in our eyes;
Love to dissolve the doubt
that lodges itself in our hearts;
Love to break down the walls
that prevent hands from holding
and from being held.
Just more.
We have been so afraid that love
would change our course, erode the path
most familiar to us, but see:
we are lost anyway.
Overflow with more — so much more
from that eternal spring of yours.
Well up love
that cultivates insight
curates stories
makes new memories
burns for deeper knowledge
softens for greater grace
puts down roots in possibility
and travels with joy.
Let there be much more love,
O God Eternal.
We need it.

on Philippians 1:9

artwork by my youngest

artwork by my youngest

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