Come to the mountain.
Come to the table.
Come to life.

In a pillar of raging fire,
in a gift of holy precepts,
God is with you.
And also with you.
In a brother, in a stranger,
in a sister, in an enemy,
God is with you.
And also with you.

Give praise to God, who alone is holy.
It is right and good that there should be nothing above God, nothing in place of God.
Be full of joy in God, who alone is your worldview.
It is right and good that there should be nothing that limits our understanding of God’s presence in all the world: not race or gender, not creed or nationality, not family or class, not language or politics.

Most Holy God, just as you called stars and galaxies into being to glorify you, just as you taught them to sing and dance in ethereal choreography around you, so too you call us to center ourselves around you, to sing in our rest and dance in our work in such a way that you are glorified.

Most Holy Spirit, just as you swept across the wilderness and drew people toward your holy mountain, even now you stir among us with the invitation to gather at your table. And as we come to these holy places, you command us to be reconciled to one another and reconciled to you. Before you, no idols can stand. Before you, we dare not harm one another by word or deed.

Most Holy Christ, by the mystery of your flesh and blood, the fullness of life was demonstrated for our weary spirits in this broken world. By the manner of your living, you broke the divisions that define us. By the misery of your death, you overflowed with God’s lament for the world. By the miracle of your resurrection, you witnessed to the sufficiency of love. At the table today, we eat this bread and drink this cup in solidarity with your breaking, with your lamenting, with your loving.

By God’s grace and for Christ’s sake,
come to the table, for all is ready.
With humility before God and with love for all people, we come: setting down our idols and distractions, setting down our grievances and jealousies, setting down our working and our raging against the world, picking up a spirit of peace and fellowship and openness. We come to be with Christ. We come to be as Christ.

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