Most High God, Everlasting Light, Steadfast Love:
from the limits of our worlds & spirits & spaces,
we pray with humility, “Remember us.”

Remember us when we face hurdles & set-backs,
when disease & death knock at our doors,
when hell & high water surround us,
when despair seems our only friend.
Remember us and bolster our faith
for there is no power, no circumstance
that can separate us from you.

Remember us when war & rumors of war
cause our spirits to flee for the hills
cause wisdom to bury its head in the sand
cause ideological disputes between neighbors.
Remember your peace though we forget it;
we have not yet valued the lives on the front lines
the lives crossing borders of seas & walls
the lives even of our loved ones
enough to reject thoroughly from our own lives
the perpetuation of violence and its devices.

Remember us when, despite our sin, we praise you
with imprecise words and faltering tongues but
hearts overflowing with gratitude and awe.
Remember us as we remember
that yours alone is the glory
yours alone the work & the rest
yours alone the love & the splendor,
yours alone the praise of the heavens.
There is no one, no thing, no god like you.

In your mercy, remember us.
In your love, shape us.
In your grace, keep us
this day and always.


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