I could listen to you for hours, O God,
if only you would say something —
say anything. Tell me a tale
of spring that interrupts winter, of birds
that coax the sun to rise with song,
of comfort amidst turmoil.
Say that trouble won’t last always, that
love will make the world go round.
Say that you are good.
Anything at all, if only you will speak.

2 thoughts on “Mary

  1. Rachel, thank you for this prayer. I like watching TV, and yesterday one of the shows mentioned that “Faith is bell unrang” sometimes we do not hear God, there’s so much silence that we can’t hear God, but it’s not the noise outside , it’s the noise within our mind and heart that makes us not hear God. Just because we don’t hear God, doesn’t mean he/she is not talking up us.

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