I love you, O LORD my God,
God of my mother and father,
hope of my ancestors,
promise of my children;
for you have not let me go—
you watered the most unlikely flower
in the midst of a vast desert;
you created a path through the wilderness
after the road reached its end;
and, in your wildly fierce and holy love,
you do not leave me to complacency but
you call me through the refiner’s fire
toward growth & wholeness
in compassion
in faith
in fellowship.
Stay with me, O Love Incarnate,
drawing me ever closer to sister & brother,
ever closer to you,
for these days are not my own
and this heart was not formed from dust
to love itself.
All the days of my life,
you will be my only praise
and I will sing of your steadfast love
in loud chorus with all creation!

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