You know me, God: I like journeys where the destination is goooood, restful for the body and rejuvenating for the soul, with food and fellowship to satisfy my spirit and encourage me for days to come. That’s not exactly how the Lenten journey is typically understood, but oh! that’s the journey I’d like for this season. I want to reach Easter with a dance and an “Amen!” celebrating that God has been good all the way … not to collapse on that Easter morning out of relief to find Living Water again because Lent has been so arid. Really, I can’t imagine that Jesus was miserable for every one of those forty days in the wilderness. Didn’t he sometimes splash about in a stream and laugh at the frogs hopping out of the way? Did he lie flat on the ground to study the expanse of the sky at sunset, and breathe deeply with joy for each sunrise? Let me have that kind of Lenten journey, I pray. Excite and enliven my spirit, O Adventurous Spirit!

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