Lent 30: Head-to-Toe Praise

Honor the LORD with your very being.
(Proverbs 3:9a, adapted)

Praise! Praise God with the light of your eyes,
with their bright gleam of joy!
Praise! Praise God with the restful pose of your shoulders,
with their willingness to cede control!
Praise! Praise God with the kind touch of your fingers,
with their gesture of welcome and love!
Praise! Praise God with the song on your tongue,
with its tune of thanksgiving!
Praise! Praise God with the intuition of your core,
with its attention to life’s energies!
Praise! Praise God with the boldness of your spine,
with its resolve to keep you together!
Praise! Praise God with the wiggle of your toes,
with all their silliness and strength!
Praise! Praise God with the electricity of your brain,
with its sparks of passion and insight!
Praise! Praise God from head to toe — mind, body and spirit!
Let your whole being give praise to God!

3 thoughts on “Lent 30: Head-to-Toe Praise

  1. Fabulous, joyful writing, Rachel. thank you! Praise God with the intuition of your core. Amen! And thank you for your gentle absolution for those of us guilty at being behind following this Lenten way. I much appreciated this!

  2. Catch-up:
    Today my body calls on me to stop, to slow, to catch up.

    Though I feel I am always behind, always trying to catch up with what I feel I should be doing.

    Today may I try to forgive myself for not reaching those expectations.

    Today may I take care of myself, be careful of the time and love and people given to me.

    Today in rest may I return to the full sense of my created self.

    Today may those who need it, forgive themselves.

    Today may those who live careful lives, find the Spirit tickling them into joyful risk.

    Today may those whose lives are in acceleration, enjoy a moment of stillness.

    Today may those weeping, find healing in the flow of tears.

    Today may those who long for an orderly catch up find themselves lovingly caught up in the creative chaos of daily life.

    May it be so. Amen.

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