From my book Writing to God: Kids’ Edition, prayer idea #2: Write to God about your feelings. Tell God when you’re happy. God likes to hear your joy! You can write sentences about feeling  happy, or write a list of thanks that make you happy. For example, Logan (age 5) writes, “Dear God, thank you for making me happy. I’m happy you let me play soccer on a team. I’m happy you let me have sisters and brothers. I’m happy you made chips because I really like chips.” (Paraclete Press 2012, pg 24-25)

For salt-and-vinegar French fries,
cut fresh, still with the potato skins.

For smooth dark bits of goodness
from my favorite chocolate store.

For my friend whose injury will heal
with the help of doctors and time.

For conversations that continue
across hours, days, even years.

For soft clean bedsheets in which
I wiggle and stretch out my toes.

For all the delights of this world,
I give thanks, O Holy Diversion!

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