Lent 2

Striving for fullness…
Striving for wholeness…
Striving for fullness…
Striving for wholeness…
Striving for fullness…
Striving for … a remnant?
Striving for only part?
Good Lord, God!
How you interrupt me and
capsize the ways that I set out
to accomplish faith! I’ve theologized
the Army’s motto (“Be all you can be, with God“),
idolized fullness without rest and wholeness without need,
but you convert me with a single word: remnant.
“Be a remnant, a piece, a humble fragment
with which I can create my fullness
(not yours). Be for me a part
rather than a whole
so that
I have room
for divine creativity
in the mosaic that can use you
— right there within the bigger picture —
but only if you are not a whole.
Relax already from your
vain striving; come,
be my piece.”
You are
difficult, O God.
I suspect you know that.
But I will seek to be a
piece, only
a piece.
be my peace.

9 thoughts on “Lent 2

  1. Wholeness is what I long for often, Holy One.
    Having all things connected, belonging together. So this is something different – the idea that pieces are important, the cracks and the spaces in between, the fault lines of wounds. When the pieces of life fail to fit as I wish, help me to love the imperfection, the gaps through which surprising joy might blossom. Amen.

  2. Abba Father, to You I commend and yet seek to understand why….
    A child has been called back to You before his parent….broken is his Mother’s heart
    A daddy has been called back to You before his small children are even in school….broken are his two little girl’s hearts
    A husband and lover has been called back to You before five years of marriage are completed….broken is his wife’s heart
    A life that made a difference but now is so badly missed by friends…
    Broken, remnant lives left behind when one so loved has passed on.

    My prayers are made of remnants during this part of the journey of grief
    Pray for me, please Jesus, and help me travel on to understanding and blessing.

    To you, I commend my grief.

    Billie Farley
    14 February 2013

  3. I lay in the
    wasteland of
    never before so
    shattered and scattered
    like your people who were oppressed
    I felt no hope
    no thread of my life
    once so strong
    could be found
    You promised a remnant
    would remain
    become once again
    from that shattered
    piece of my heart
    I did not have the
    strength to believe it so
    yet here I am
    once again feeling
    once again able to
    and to
    for You indeed
    left a remnant
    of my heart
    it has grown again
    in Your care
    the remnant
    I did not believe
    has bloomed.

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