Lent 19

I imagine
that your radiance
splashes like a fountain
raining grace and joy and beauty
on all of life as it emerges
from the eternal pool,
and our footsteps
drip with rainbows as we
live and grow and love each day
like gold flowing in the veins
of the mountains, like
sapphire blooming
where earth’s fierce fire
has eased its rage; so we are
the byproduct and testimony of the Holy
Process that delights to move
the immovable and
to enliven the
but our breath is
the sunrise and our every
move is a seed breaking wide open;
who knows if today you will be an iris while I
might be a purple tulip, and perhaps
tomorrow we will be
sunshine itself
and we will blaze
wherever God calls us to
stretch, to grow, to dissipate the clouds;
and so it goes to God’s glory, to whom belongs
beauty for eternity and the life of these most blessed days.

on 1 Peter 2:4-5

3 thoughts on “Lent 19

  1. The coming together of the Natural world with the Trinity what more can we ask for than to thus be fed and to feed others, thank you Rachel

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