The laundry seems eternal:
another load of whites
another load of darks
piled high in anticipation
of a soapy wash cycle.
I sigh over the never-ending
presence of my laundry,
constant need for attention
. . . . . . .
and then a chuckle
a roll of laughter as I realize
that you, O my God, are in fact
a Holy Pile of Laundry
eternally present
and ever calling!

(To complete the Holy Trinity
and my playful unorthodoxy:
is Jesus then
the Cleansing Washer
and the Spirit
a Tumble of Hot Air?)

9 thoughts on “Laundry

  1. Storms

    It’s that time of year, Lord. When cold air descends onto hot, humid land, clashing and wreaking havoc.

    You do that sometimes, too. You breath change into our lives. Sometimes it’s a gentle breeze. But other times, you give it all you’ve got and turn things upside down. Twisting and bending our lives.

    Sometimes we break. Other times we come out unscathed. Either way, we are changed by you, for you.

  2. Trombone.
    A bold and brassy instrument.
    Yet the player hesitates to come centre stage for his solo moment.
    Smoothly the notes of music sound out, from the unmarked slide.
    Playing by sense and feel, building up the dynamics, being part of the band.
    Taking the applause.

    Creative God, you draw us into the light of love.
    You make us smile, loosen up and play your music of joy, peace and justice.
    Alleluia, Amen.

  3. Me
    up that tall
    ladder to hang
    Pentecost banners
    and running into the
    Holy Spirit was both very
    exhilarating and very scary!
    Thanks for Your sure support!

    If I could figure out how to center this on your blog, it would sort of resemble a ladder:-)

  4. God-Moose
    The moose looms large in the field and yet leaps out and surprises me with his swift movement.
    And then stays quietly ever present through the evening.
    God you are bigger than I can imagine and your Holy Spirit surprises me with the swift presence of grace and you remain ever present, always.

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