We are not fond of messengers — O God, we confess it!

What is there to love
about one who comes
dressed unapologetically in freedom
to inquire into our weariness?

We prefer such a messenger
beholden to our labor.

What is there to heed
in the questions of one
who proclaims the work at hand
without time for our excuses?

We prefer such a messenger
obligated to our comfort.

What is there to welcome
from one who haunts our fears
so that we might live
beyond their limitations?

We prefer such a messenger
let us ride out the storm.

How beautiful are the feet, yes —
but far less beautiful is the message
that reveals our assumptions
and witnesses to new possibilities.

We prefer to sell such a message
or seal it in a pit covered by stone.

We pray for mercy — O God, open the ears of our hearts!

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