Like a lone eagle screeching for its mate,
Like an abandoned lover crying on her pillow,
The voice of the LORD comes in a wail:

Here I am! Here I am!
Aren’t you seeking me?
Didn’t you call me
just now
from your place of prayer?
Oh. I see.
You are kneeling
in the sanctuaries of banks,
trying to find shelter for your life
(shelter from your life)
giving alms to the wealthy
and begging pardon
from the elite and the powerful.

I misheard you
when you called out,
“My God! My God!”
You were invoking my name
to lament a disaster,
not to confess or realign
your life’s alliances
to death
and devastation
wherever they bring you gain.
I am ready to be sought out,
but you who have turned your backs
may not like who finds me:

those fighting for goodness in life
while you dismiss them with the trash;

those creating a new and divergent way
in defiance of your sanctified systems;

those striving to be present where they are
rather than planning and manipulating
to get to where they are not!

So this is my judgment:
you will struggle to find me —
not because I am absent,
but because you are distracted and conflicted.
Even so, I am here.
I am here,
if you will come.

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