How’s The God Business?

Recently an acquaintance who knows that I’m a minister asked a casual question (or was it?) that caught me entirely off guard: “How’s the God business?”

I looked at her for a moment, then chuckled and said, “It’s good.” At the time I was in the midst of drafting resources for a marriage equality workshop…definitely good work, in my ‘umble opinion.

Still, I’m not satisfied with my answer. Is it good, on a big picture level? And is “good” reflective of the work that needs to be done, the work that is getting done, the people (ministers and laity) who are doing God’s work, the state of the church, the state of spirituality, the state of world religions…? Or does “good” give witness–more appropriately–to God and God’s faithfulness?

All interesting questions, I suppose, but in truth “It’s good” was a knee-jerk answer on my part that day. Other responses that I’ve brainstormed since then: “It’s busy.” “It’s challenging.” “It’s lively.” “It’s enlivening.” “It sure is somethin’!”

But I think that I would have liked to respond (had I thought of it at the time) by saying: “It’s ongoing.” A very Kingdom of God answer.

The God business is ongoing. It has started…and it is not yet finished. It’s here…but still far off. Full of Kingdom of God glimpses and Spirit-filled moments…equally full of death-dealing divisions and Spirit-less routines. And the God business will be ongoing until the Kingdom of God has fully arrived.

sounds like an early Advent prayer!

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  1. I really like your “second thought” idea! It helps take some of the sting out of the feeling that the Church isn't where it should be – maybe we are still near the beginning of the “ongoing” path and have some distance to travel. Maybe we still have a lot to learn – if we're willing to learn.

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