How Now, White Church?

IMG_20140809_135638Weep, o church, for God has been shot in the streets.

O God, we have sinned against you
in thought, in word, and in deed.

Hang your head, o church, for failing to attend God’s wake.

We have left undone everything
that we ought to have done.

Cry out and gnash your teeth, o church, that God has been taken too soon.

We have not loved you
as we should.

Where will you go, o church, without God beside you?

We have abandoned
our neighbors, too.

How will you spend your Sundays, o church?

Have mercy on us.

WIll you close your doors, o church, because God has gone?

Please give us your life.

Will you sit in your empty pews, o church, as though God is still there – captured in stained glass?

We repent;
hear our prayers.

Look and see, o church: the resurrected God marches now in the streets.

Forgive us, and deliver us
to streets paved in gold.

Lift up your eyes, o church, to see God breaking curfew, unarmed with hands in the air.

It is properĀ to wait here
for your return to us.

Listen, o church, as God shouts for justice on earth.

Holy, holy, holy. Let heaven
be full of your glory.

Austin Channing Brown’s post, “Black Bodies White Souls,” is a must-read for the white American church on the collective silence of white Christians in the face of individual & systemic racism and on the inability/refusal of the white church to express shame and remorse.

4 thoughts on “How Now, White Church?

  1. I want to say something amazing here to you for this gift and also to be ‘up for it’ in the pulpit today. Just, thank you, Rachel, for not giving up on the church or giving up on those of us seeking to serve God in churches.

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