The space between life and death, between beginnings and endings, is so close — much closer than our sterilized places for dying and our pastel-printed places for birthing attempt to convey.

Holy Life, both particled and boundless,
be present in these moments
of meeting and leaving,
living and dying,
Bless the ones who cleave together
as new journeys begin:
arms around one another to brace for death,
hands clasped together to create union,
small body cradled to nurture and parent.
Let the stages of our lives
not be separated in your Life
despite how they are partitioned
by our funeral homes
and wedding chapels,
blue/pink nurseries,
NICUs and ICUs.
Teach us to understand
growing and sharing
and losing and dying and
creating and starting
as one,
as whole,
within our body’s atoms and our life’s plans.

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