Here I am:
lost in the wilderness,
chasing sheep and rabbit holes,
out of touch with my own spirit and being,
but here I am — wherever “here” is.

Here I am:
unsettled and uncertain,
overwhelmed by grief and setback,
desperate for meaning from burning bushes,
but here I am — however “here” might be.

Come no closer:
my fire is out of control,
my spirit is untidy and unclean,
my ego is threatening to roadblock God’s will,
so come no closer — it is not safe here.

Come no closer:
I cannot find the life I lost,
I have denied myself to the point of void,
I keep stumbling over my humanity in search of heaven;
come no closer — there is nothing to see here.

Here I am:
on the wrong side of wisdom
and the foolish side of perseverance,
singing without hope and praying without words,
but here I am — until “here” changes.

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