My daughter prefers that I keep my dancing to myself
but—O my God!—I’ve got to dance because you are so good!
I’m gonna tap my toes with the joy of knowing
that your Spirit is on the move!
I’m gonna shrug my shoulders and lean my hips into
the rhythm of this noisy suburban traffic song,
glad in the knowledge that you are the substance of this life!
I’m gonna nod my head—with terrible, white girl obviousness—
in agreement with the tree boughs nodding in the breeze
to the beat of your glorious refrain!
I’m gonna crank up India.Arie on the car speakers
and swim my hand through the passing current of air
because your mercy was new with today’s sunrise
and your loving kindness will last beyond tonight’s sunset!
I’m gonna swing my arms high (not while driving)
and throw off the tensions and strains—
remembering that clouds change,
the tides pulse and
the seasons turn,
but your grace remains forever!
Your blessing beckons me to shed my stress, loosen up,
and groove with a dance of thanksgiving! Watch out! 

What’s your dance today?
“God has turned my mourning into dancing…”
(Psalm 30:11)
Write a prayer that dances with joy!

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