There is Goliath, o my God, and there and there!
Do not let my heart fail before these giants
in trust that even giants are limited.

The wind is rising, o my God, and the waves are crashing!
Do not let my peace be broken or my faith swept away,
secure in knowing I too am made of water and air.

There are hardships, o my God, and fears and shame!
Do not let my doubts manifest as foolish pride,
for yours are the mysteries of creation.

Yours is the only strength to boast,
yours the only grace to unify.
Mine is the weakness
and the wonder.

O Vast One, say to my ego,
“Thus far you shall come
and no farther”;
then my soul will rejoice
to surrender its loud bravado
and I will sing with the starry heavens
just as a breathing iota of stardust should.

on the Revised Common Lectionary texts;
cross-posted at RevGalBlogPals

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