Still earth storms and trembles.
Still nations war and rage.
Still people hate and denigrate.

Where is Your deliverance, O LORD?
Where is Your help and Your strength?
Where is the promised transformation?

Still we boast and bicker.
Still we deplete and doubt.
Still we cling to hell when heaven is at hand.

When will our actions catch up to our confessions?
When will we believe Your revelation?
When will we live as part of one another?

Still Your love permeates and agitates.
Still Your grace blooms and nurtures.
Still Your hope generates a song on weary tongues.

This is our prayer, O God Most Glorious: for renewal and reparation, for direction and healing, for joy to swallow us up before hatred sweeps us away, for kinship and understanding to become our salvation, for the defeat of evil among us and the exorcism of lies & greed within us. This is our prayer, Gracious and Living God: to be loosed from fear for the freedom of peace, to grow in faith and be bound to Your mercy, to be acceptable before You and unceasing in Your praise.

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