And when the world is over, when life changes so utterly that we no longer recognize it, when the heavens break just as disastrously as our hearts, when the earth trembles and buckles and knocks the wind from our sails, when death descends to the bitter silence of the angels’ song;

When the mountains melt into the rivers and the rivers rise to conquer the oceans, when the labor pangs yield to new birth in a pool of blood that cannot be returned, when the moon bows its head in shame and the trees drop their arms to resign from praise, when there is nothing left, when the refining fire burns out and even the shadows do not bother with us anymore;

Then at last we will be done with ourselves; then our vanities will turn to ash and our bodies will give up their struggle; then we will throw back our heads and release our voices to the task of keening what is lost, and having surrendered, then in our beings we will wait to see what is coming.

And who can imagine what is coming!

on Psalm 97:4-6 

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