Who will break the fast?

Joyful Jesus, how dare we continue to feed upon scarcity when there is a rich feast spread over endless banquet tables so that all who are hungry may know peace? We raise a glass to you — Holy Abundance, Open Invitation, Broken Bread. Alleluia!

Who will roll the stone away?

Joyful Jesus, why do we continue to put our shoulders against the stone and push in vain when the beauties of the garden wait to soothe all who are anxious? We dance along your paths — Holy Comfort, Patient Teacher, Sparkling Light. Alleluia!

Who will weep and wait?

Joyful Jesus, how long will we run in search of easy answers when the steadfast mountain whispers the lessons of faith to all who are afraid? We wait together until your salvation is finished — Holy Love, Marvelous Secret, Unlimited Anointing. Alleluia!

We overflow with joy before the One Who Saves. Alleluia!

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