Don’t ask the snow “Where is God?”

as though the snow can respond to

your cries echoing over its white crust.

The snow has done its best to disguise

the traces of your violence and hatred;

its job is not to soothe your conscience.


Don’t ask the flying geese “Where is God’s goodness?”

for their nearness to heaven has not revealed to them

why God has not yet cast the rainbow covenant aside

and let the earth drown in its own sorrows and blood.

The geese cannot answer your crisis of humanity; they

only attest to faith in God’s calling to life amidst chaos.


Don’t ask the sun in its feeble winter course

“Where is God’s salvation now?” for the sun

has already blessed you with the new dawn

for making peace and naming injustice, but

you brazenly invent your own redemption and

carelessly institutionalize your worst iniquities.

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