I am. Terribly so.
Fear steals my breath
and entangles my soul.
There is no release,
no grace, only
of suffocating
because love is lost
because the world is dying
yet still she tries to be
her own salvation
still I try
to be my own
resurrection and life.
But this — this good news:
“you are not alone” and
“you are not God”
and “you
need not have
all of the strength” and
“you cannot hold your own self up.”
Breathe breath back into me.
Ease the knots until
I can extend
my hand to yours
for holding — you, me, us.
Let us find love
against the fears
and therein will be the God
who calls the scattered
who comforts the
who is faithful
through the nightmares.

on Isaiah 41:10

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