.                              perfect

.                                                              widening

meeting              the other



beauty                        blessing

in the


in the

.                                  myriad



repeating                                     .

repeating                                                                            .


with each

.                                                 ripple

of intersection

8 thoughts on “Concentric

    • “I wonder if it ‘hurts’ to have this new growth come so quickly.” … “You have turned us back to the Trellis of your ways.” Delightful images, Deb, and such truth in your reflection! Thank you for sharing the link.

  1. Lord of the weather
    I acknowledge the supremacy of Your power
    in the world around me
    Grateful I am
    for protection through the night
    here in my small corner of this planet
    It is often in times like these
    that I am reminded
    of Your Lordship
    Not that You
    drown us in frozen rain
    icing trees
    and downing power lines
    I don’t believe that is Your way
    But You are God
    And I am aware of my smallness
    A very wise posture for me

  2. Despite the cool temperature and dreary sky, I thank you for the blessing of this day.

    This day that my soul awoke and was glad (no easy task these past weeks) because you are with me, helping me, in everything I do, every interaction. You are helping me see through the clouds and beyond them.

    Maybe I need a little rain to remind me you are Lord.

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