Chaperoned by Peace

I will appoint Peace as your overseer
and Righteousness as your taskmaster.
(Isaiah 60:17)

Today, my “to do” list is not my own. It is governed by Peace, and she will review my list before approving or amending it. Peace has a perspective on life beyond my own little world of running hither-and-thither, and she will judiciously distribute my tasks so that I participate in the good work of the whole.

Today, my steps and my words are not my own. They are chaperoned by Righteousness. Each thought, each action is taught to look both ways and think twice before it is embodied. Righteousness watches carefully when consumption and selfishness come too close, and thoughtfully checks the whims of my soul.

Today, my work is not my own. I am employed by Grace, and she keeps me busy! Her voice never ceases giving direction, pointing to a welcoming smile needed here, a willing ear needed there, an extra hand over there, and a humility needed right here. The pace of the work never slows, nor does Grace.

Today, my values are not my own. Unity sits as the judge over my biases, my priorities, my presumptions, my ideals, and my obstinance. In the spirit of truth, Unity names what I have not wanted to see or allow for. Unity calculates my values, finds the equation to be inequitable, and requires recompense.

May Peace edit our priorities.
May Righteousness audit our egos.
 May Grace keep us occupied.
May Unity redefine our conscience.

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