Thy Kingdom Come

Thine is the kingdom,
mine is the repentance.

Thine is the glory,
mine is the labor.

Thine is the purpose,
mine is the peace.

Thine is the power,
mine the humility.

Thine is the wisdom,
mine is the wonder.

Thine is the will,
mine is the trial.

Thine is the splendor,
mine is the dust.

Thine is the achievement,
mine the pursuit.

Thine is the mercy,
mine the forgiveness.

Thine is forever,
mine is this breath.

Thy kingdom come.

In the beginning…

…was a sound,
a silence,
a consonant,
a vowel,
a mumble,
a sigh,
a shout.

In the beginning
was an idea,
a possibility,
an urge and
an urgency,
a compulsion,
a wonder,
a love.

In the beginning
was the Word,
the Creation,
the Articulation,
the Invitation,
the Choice,
the Name,
the Yes.

God of all language and nuance,
break open my heart to beginnings
and stay with me through the end.

For Love

For love of your justice, O God,
keep your promise
to comfort the mourning
and relieve the oppressed.

For love of your dream, O God,
keep your promise
to fill our tongues with joy
and bring peace among the nations.

For love of your light, O God,
keep your promise
to speak hope to the lost
and gladness to the fainthearted.

For love of your testimony, O God,
keep your promise
to reprieve the poor and empty the rich,
to lift up the overlooked and devastate the powerful.

For love of your anointing, O God,
keep your promise
to send us out with good news
and embolden us to live free of fear.

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For release from jealousy and
an obligation to contentment,
I pray to the God of peace.

For reprieve from cynicism and
a commitment to curiosity,
I pray to the God of hope.

For freedom from desolation and
renewed dedication to community,
I pray to the God of love.

For relief from weariness and
devotion to life’s fullness,
I pray to the God of joy.