It’s okay to not know.

It’s okay to struggle with God.

It’s okay to admit that you’re a little dysfunctional in faith.

It’s okay to wake up, look around, and realize that familiar spiritual practices aren’t nurturing growth in your faith & well-being anymore.

It’s okay to occasionally side-eye the whole thing as a “cosmic pain in the butt” (8).

meredith-gould-dssThis is the good news of Desperately Seeking Spirituality. Even as I write these words, I too need to hear them. And “desperately” is not an exaggeration.

I read Meredith Gould’s new book earlier this year when it was released but neglected at the time to give it the acclaim & blog space that it deserves. Now as I return to its pages to write this review, I am convicted and comforted all over again.

It is the rare person who strives after God and/or purpose without doubts and quandaries and failures, but often we feel and/or convince ourselves that we are alone in our wanderings of the spirit. Desperately Seeking Spirituality is the irreverent best friend who tells it like it is when our spirits are out-of-wack, the wise best friend who sets us back on track with just the right word of insight and reminds us that we are not alone at all.

Gould is a witty writer, so fabulously so that you may find yourself chuckling over a turn of phrase when suddenly you realize: Hold on, she just got me. I strongly encourage dog-eared pages and underlined passages so that you can return often to the “aha” moments and the practices that will nurture your journey.

Desperately Seeking Spirituality weaves together a breadth & depth of wisdom from diverse disciplines to help you consider your spiritual journey from many angles, providing many practical tools and opportunities for reflection. This book is a delightful and generous companion for the journey.

If you, like me, stockpile books in an online shopping cart in advance of Christmas, click “Add to Cart” now on Desperately Seeking Spirituality and figure out who (and how many) you know whose spirits need the encouragement, humor and grace that this book offers.

Then again, don’t wait for Christmas.

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