I want to say something
about change
in life, in seasons
that keeps us
chasing God as the
maples peak and the sun sets
a bit of poetry
on lights and tunnels,
tears and oceans
on the mystery of God revealed
while life heaps it on;
but really
to chase God is to
play a purposeless game
a theological competition that pursues
One who isn’t running
a still Eye
of the storm
of the seasons
of life;
no — no more chasing God
whenever there are
changes or
but instead
let there be stillness
and holding on:

Free from GraphicStock

when a day smiles in yellow
God is good;
when tomorrow we weep yet again
God will still be good;
when 40
comes to me next year
God will continue to be faithful;
let autumn
come and go
so long as God remains.

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