At Grace UCC, we are taking a Lenten Sabbatical: fasting from church business (especially committee meetings) and feasting on prayer, devotions, and small group conversation. In an effort to provide several diverse resources for daily prayer, I’ve volunteered to post original prayers here on my blog, each day during Lent. The following prayer (I prefer “psalm”) for Ash Wednesday was written for the most recent church newsletter, to get us started on the spiritual feast that is Lent:

Wake up!
Wake up, my soul,
from your winter slumber
and stretch your tired limbs to savor this
season of Lent

Shake off your routines like bedcovers
Plant your feet on the ground
for the journey

Clear your eyes of sleep
Take in the sight of a new day
for loving your God

Feast on prayer and scripture
Attend to the holy in life and in love
Do not be weary

Wake up!
Wake up, my soul,
to experience your greatest joy
Be actively present in this day, in this
season of Lent

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