Come, let us sing praises to the One who hears every prayer,
to the Holy One whose love never fails:
Amen and Amen! With the host of saints and angels,
we worship and say: As you are, so let it be.

As you are full of mercy,
let mercy be abundant
to those who live in the streets
and those who faint with hunger,
abundant for children who live with fear
and for those whose lives are surrounded by warfare.

As you are, so let it be, O God of grace.
Do not hold back peace from those who are persecuted,
nor light from those who wander in need of a vision,
nor comfort from those exhausted by mourning,
nor justice from those in power.

As you are, O God Most High, so let it be.
With the host of saints and angels, we sing,
Amen and Amen!

Amen and Amen, O Alpha and Omega!
You have walked beside our ancestors for generations,
you have given us stories to guide our ways,
you have kept our endings and our beginnings
secure within the palm of your hand.
Blessed are we, for we have known your joy and still
you call us to new heights of wonder and disbelief
to greater depths of discipleship and incarnation.
How can this be, O Living God?

May we have the honor of continuing the song,
teaching the heart of it to our children and
our children’s children’s children:
Amen and Amen! With the saints and angels, Amen!
With all of creation, Amen!
Forever and ever,

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