Already posted: SIGNS, SAVIORS, SERPENTS, SONGS on the Revised Common Lectionary’s Gospel readings; WAITING, PREPARING, SINGING, LABORING on the RCL’s Old Testament readings; WHERE JUSTICE GETS DONE on the Narrative Lectionary readings; and NATIVITY THROUGH ADVENT as a non-lectionary option.

Up now, the last of the original Advent liturgies that I’ll be posting for this season: OBJECT LESSONS, a non-lectionary set of liturgies (and related sermon series) aimed to make Advent tangible. I suggested OBJECT LESSONS as one of several Advent sermon series ideas during my Advent Preaching Hacks webinar, part of the Center for Progressive Renewal’s 2015 Advent webinar bundle. NOTE: When using object lessons in worship — not just for the “children’s moment” — it’s important to make the experience available to everyone. Don’t believe adults who tell you that they don’t need their own object to hold/use or that they’ll “just watch”; all of our spirits benefit from play!

Advent 1 (ORIGAMI) Isaiah 2:1-5
Also suggested: move the whole worship service to the chancel area. Crowd in the chairs for those who prefer seats and spread blankets/rugs for those who might enjoy sitting on the floor. Many church chancel spaces are elevated, thus bringing everyone up to the “mountain of the LORD’s house.”

Candle Lighting
In a world full of swords,
Make plowshares.
In a world full of spears,
Make pruning hooks.
In a world full of fear,
Make light and love.
[first candle is lit]

Prayer of Confession
We can imagine a different world, but God we are afraid that it is impossible to reach. We can imagine better ways of caring for neighbors and strangers, but God we are convinced that it cannot be done. Will we ever see a day without war? Will we ever see a season without fear? Will we ever reach your holy mountain? We are gathered at your feet, Most Holy God. Teach us, we pray.

Advent 2 (CLAY) Isaiah 64:1-9
Also suggested: structure this worship service so that it’s primarily an experience of silence. The Isaiah text invites a spirit of lament and confession; allow long periods of silence to make room for grief and meditation, and let the creative use of clay (or coloring for those who desire a not-so-messy tactile experience) serve as the good & redeeming news.

Candle Lighting
No ear has heard,
No eye has seen,
No hand has touched,
No heart has known, 
A god more awesome than this God,
A god more mighty, more merciful than our God.
[second candle is lit]

Prayer of Confession
We have sinned, and you are rightly angry. We have injured one another. We have wilted in faith. We have tried to hold onto you for our own gain, tried to see you in our own image. Despite our sins, we beg you: do not hide your face from us and do not abandon our hearts. Instead overwhelm us and awe us into humility. Grab hold of us and shape us like the clay we are. We are the work of your hand.

Advent 3 (POTLUCK) Isaiah 7:10-16
For the potluck, invite congregation leaders to bring simple snacks — enough to share — or invite the whole congregation to contribute to the feast. Consider worshipping at tables together rather than in pews. Also suggested: Bring chrismons to the worship service (tree ornaments if your church has them or printed copies of chrismon designs along with crayons/markers for coloring), making sure that there are enough chrismons for each participant. The Isaiah text lends itself to learning about signs of God and of Christian faith.

Candle Lighting
A sign:
As high as the stars, as deep as the seas.
A sign:
An adult, a child, a loved one, a stranger.
A sign:
Curds and honey, bread and cup.
A sign:
Light and goodness to bless all people.
[third candle is lit]

Prayer of Confession
So often we believe that there is not enough: not enough signs to guide our faith, not enough love to turn the tides of war, not enough food to welcome all people to the table, not enough goodness to resist the powers of evil, not enough hope to comfort our weariness. You are enough, O Great God. You are more than enough.

Advent 4 (BUILDING BLOCKS) Isaiah 61:1-4, 8-11
Also suggested: in addition to providing a wide variety of building toys (Legos, Lincoln Logs, etc.), bring seeds, pots & soil to worship so that congregants can “build” plants and sow seeds for new life.

Candle Lighting
What is God building?
Justice and joy.
What is God planting?
Comfort and community.
Give God your mourning,
And God will build gladness.
Give God your tired heart,
And God will plant praise.
[fourth candle is lit]

Prayer of Confession
Have mercy on us, O God. We have become so accustomed to our ashes that we cannot receive your healing. We have become so accustomed to war-torn cities that we cannot imagine peaceful communities. We have become so accustomed to injustice that we cannot see salvation blooming around us. Have mercy on us, have mercy.

You are welcome to use and adapt these liturgies and sermon series ideas for your faith community. Please credit this source just as you would credit a printed source: with a citation printed in your worship bulletin or displayed on your projection screen identifying the author and website — Rachel Hackenberg and — as well as the date of this blogpost.

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