Christmas Blessing

And so goodness and loving kindness
have appeared among us — not
by our work or righteousness
— but by holy mercy,
and indeed,
how else would
goodness and loving kindness
be manifest among us if not by miracle?
But because they have appeared in abundance,
go: find an infant and beg his blessing,
find a child and ask her wisdom,
seek out the eternal light
lingering in an
elder’s eyes. And pray:
that a cynical teenager will teach you
curiosity, that a stranger
will show you
that an
family member
will point you toward grace.
And in all good things
— in all strenuous
and miserable
things too —
on this
most holy day,
let the miraculous news
of God’s faithfulness and hospitality
encourage your heart and embolden your living.

on Titus 3:4-5a

Glory to God in the Highest

the stillness
bright flashes, loud pops,
bursts of sound, all so disorienting
can stand
at such a time
when power erupts
without warning, without even a
to help
the fast-beating
hearts caught off guard
by the moment, by the forceful authority
when the heart
stops its racing, when
the stillness returns, tell me please:
will the good news be shared by ancient shepherds or
will it be
left dead
in streets
with our