Diurnal Flower

I watch the tiger lilieshide their faces to sleep,and so goes my heart:curled up in protective silenceagainst the approaching night.

Psalm 47:7

“God is the ruler of all the earth! Sing praises with a psalm!” God is supreme in governing all that lives on the earth … and the earth itself. The dirt, the minerals, the deep oil wells, the lava, all that is beneath our feet, down to the...

Tuning Fork

Come, o my soul:be struck against the Spiritso that your rigidity flexesand you quiver in resonance– mind, body and spirit –with the perfect pitchof love in concertwith life.

Letting You Leave

“As statistics continue to reveal the Church’s numerical decline, the impulse of congregations and denominations is to resist, to fear, to fight against membership losses. For the sake of survival, we plead: ‘Don’t leave.’ I prefer to...

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