“God is the ruler of all the earth! Sing praises with a psalm!” God is supreme in governing all that lives on the earth … and the earth itself. The dirt, the minerals, the deep oil wells, the lava, all that is beneath our feet, down to the earth’s very core, heeds God’s authority and participates in creation’s psalm. Write a psalm of praise as you imagine the earth might be singing it!

There is a song of praise
too low for human ears to register,
deeper than the ocean’s roar or
the storm’s rolling thunder.
There are hints of it
in the low moan of winter wind,
in the rending crack of an iceberg:
it is the psalm of the earth itself,
performed from ancient times
to the glory and pleasure of God.
It is the walking bass of tectonic plates shifting
and the precise melody of carbon crystallizing.
It is the slowly gliding dance of lava flowing
and the echoing silence of darkness singing.
It is the percussion of rocks heaving and colliding
while gems chime and volcanoes shake;
And the joyful cacophony of it all
makes the ocean tide sway its hips in joy and
starts the gods’ feet tapping in the heavenly council.
And the High God above all gods smiles
for the blessing of the earth’s psalm.

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