Lent 20

What a delight, O Divine Mystery,to know you (however imperfectly)and be known by you (inescapably)!I cannot begin to grasp youand yet you are tangiblein the warmth of a blanket anda glass of wine with a friend.I wonder at your need for us, for our worship;I, on the...

Lent 19

“By the power at work within us, God is able to accomplish abundantly far more than all we can ask or imagine.” (Ephesians 3:20)O my God, whatever happened to the power at work within us to accomplish abundantly for all people? What power have we lost or...

Lent 18

Rush into my day, my lifeLike cool dawn air filling my lungs.Enliven me, inspire me to praise,Wake me from apathy today!In the hope of resurrection, I pray.

Lent 17

Ah, Holy Melody, sing me a love song in warm alto tones of compassion, a simple tune that I can learn and endlessly echo. Sing me a stirring descant of lament and let me cry (finally, really, let down and weep) over death and illness and love lost. Sing me a lullaby,...

Third Sunday of Lent

Thou my rest by day and nightThou my peace and Thou my fightThou my ground and soul’s delightThou my heart to live aright

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