We climb the mountain to wait.

Surrounded by a cloud, we wait.

While the nations conspire, we wait.

When brightness overwhelms us, we wait.

Through the long night, we wait.

Until the Spirit speaks, we wait.

As we wait, we are already:
your witnesses,
your inheritance,
your collaborators,
your beloved vessels,
your anointed,
your freedom.

on today’s Revised Common Lectionary
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Stay a little longer with us, Jesus.
The night is long and our hope is fleeting.

Stay a little longer with us, Jesus.
The world is raging and our strength is faltering.

Stay with us, Jesus,
to give us courage
for the all-consuming fire
to whip through our lives.

Stay with us, Jesus,
to teach us stories
of heaven’s mysteries
to renew our resolve.

Stay with us, Jesus,
to show us visions
that startle our lives
to worship and wonder.

Stay a little longer with us, Jesus.
The call is immense and our commitment is imperfect.

Stay a little longer with us, Jesus.
The light is overwhelming and our hearts are full.

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I’m not so sure
(when it comes right down to it)
that I really want to see You
as You are
full of glory
and might. Just as
I shy away from
seeing me
as I really am
and as I could be.
Cover Yourself with a cloud,
O Christ, so that I can’t see You
fully, clearly. And through
the haze I will worship You,
through the fog
I will say
“Here is my God!”
(probably pointing in
the wrong direction because,
you know, FOG). But still
I will love you
and a little more
adoringly because I will not have to
contend quite so honestly
with myself
through Your eyes,
I will not have to account for
not only my humanity but also
my holiness, not only
my blunders but also my belovedness.
Do not reveal Yourself transformed
for I am not ready to be

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O Lord, you are our Lord.
Eternal God, you are our God.
Brother Jesus, you are the Savior.
Sweet Spirit, you are our Life.

Many days, O God, we do not know much — not much about crafting peace from war, not much about convicting the world’s greed of its sins, not much about reflecting you with consistency — but we know that you are God. You are the Only One.

By your grace, we believe and follow you.
In your presence, we are radiant.
To your glory, we strive to be  bold.
In your name, we do not lose heart.

Stay with us we pray, O Christ, for as much as we long to dwell in one place with you, life changes and moves and compels us in new ways: through pain and through joy, with outrage and with surprise, within ourselves and alongside others.

Stay with us, we can only pray.
Guide us through change.
Seize us with truth and hope.
Show us how to lose our lives in your life.

In all things, we are your beloved people, sisters and brothers together and images of your beauty. In all things, we are astounded and overwhelmed to gratitude. In all things, we hold fast to your name, and we pray by its power. Amen.

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