Christmas Day

Hark! the messenger angels sing.
It is finished! Love has come!

Our spirits soar, O mighty God,
at the magnitude and majesty:

there you are among us, the Infant Savior — and
here you are among us, the Wonderful Mystery!

We are bursting with the news: Love is here!
Peace is here! Justice and judgment are here!

How sweet, how delicious, how very
indescribable — you are sublime!

Receive our joy and make of it wonder.

Receive our gratitude and make of it humility.

Receive our adoration and make of it compassion.

Make of us, O Jesus, vessels of praise
and testimonies of the miraculous

so that no one doubts and no one
does not know the breadth of your love.

Glory, glory, glory to you in our hearts!
Glory, glory, glory to you in heaven & earth!

Glory and good news for all people!
Good news and great relief for those most in need.

Hark! the messenger angels sing.
It is finished! Love has come!

Amen! Your love is complete!
Amen! Our work of love is renewed

and our life in love is saved.
Glory, pure glory to God in the highest!

Your love is forever and ever.
Amen and amen.

Woodwork by David Van Epps

Woodwork by David Van Epps

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Christmas Creed

And now what has been
is forever again;
And now these days we have watched
are as a dream fading at dawn;
And now the best of our longings are idle fantasies
as the Desire of all creation takes its throne;
And now we catch our breath and bend our knee at This:
the holy Triumph that has come and will not end.

on Hebrews 1:10-12

Christmas Blessing

And so goodness and loving kindness
have appeared among us — not
by our work or righteousness
— but by holy mercy,
and indeed,
how else would
goodness and loving kindness
be manifest among us if not by miracle?
But because they have appeared in abundance,
go: find an infant and beg his blessing,
find a child and ask her wisdom,
seek out the eternal light
lingering in an
elder’s eyes. And pray:
that a cynical teenager will teach you
curiosity, that a stranger
will show you
that an
family member
will point you toward grace.
And in all good things
— in all strenuous
and miserable
things too —
on this
most holy day,
let the miraculous news
of God’s faithfulness and hospitality
encourage your heart and embolden your living.

on Titus 3:4-5a