Sunday Prayer: Storytelling

And now we have told you our stories, O God:
named our worries and shared our delights,
confessed our sins and witnessed you among us.
Now tell us your story, Most Holy God, write it
upon our hearts in the silence of prayer.
Tell us again of your magnitude over the earth,
of your presence in every breath,
of your love in all of life.
Write upon our hearts your story
of the living stone that is a foundation
for a place where all are welcome in your light.
We hold onto your story above our own,
grateful in the knowledge
that you are a sheltering God
from the forests of Nigeria to the fires of California,
a comfort to the mourners in Turkey
and to the persecuted in Sudan.
When we despair that justice and healing may never come,
when we feel lost in all that is unknown,
we hold onto your story: that you too are supremely unknown,
yet you know every one and you know every story.
You name us. You hold all in your hand.
You continue to live out your story of faithfulness.
Let your story be full of life within us
and within the world, we pray.
We ask these things in Jesus’ name.

A pastoral prayer based on the Revised Common and Narrative Lectionary readings, cross-posted at RevGalBlogPals.

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