Lent 6

The winter’s isolating chill
is accented by gray skies;
bundled bodies repeat
the isolation as they turn
up collars and down eyes
to navigate the day’s cold.
But O My God! Even gray
is within the spectrum
of your beauty! My soul
delights to consider it!
It is the lining of your robe,
sweeping across the sky
as you pace the heavens.
It is an intricately-knit
blanket of silver yarn,
cast over the world as
comfort for weary souls.
It is the Rock of Ages,
our strength and home,
cast high so we might
see it and remember.
It is a fierce gray wolf,
watching, protecting,
challenging, marking its
territory against threats
to its authority. Let me
be glad in the gray sky
for here, too, is the glory
and goodness of God!

10 thoughts on “Lent 6

  1. Lord,
    Today I would like to lie down
    on soft green grass warmed by the sun.
    I would like to look up into an immense blue sky,
    The warm earth cradling my body
    The brilliant blue of the sky
    filling my mind.

    Instead of feeling smaller,
    even nothing.

    Instead of feeling this
    I sense that
    I am that piece of the puzzle long sought
    now found and fit
    snug and
    just exactly
    where I am meant to be.


  2. Most High God
    I am remembering a childhood song I loved to sing–

    “Wide, wide as the ocean
    high as the heavens above
    deep, deep as the deepest sea
    is my Saviour’s love
    Though I’m so unworthy
    still am I child of Him yet
    For His Word speaks to me
    and His love reaches me

    These lyrics speak to me of
    the expanse of You God
    Who can measure the height of Your heavens?!!!!

    The mountain I stood on exposed my young heart
    to Your majesty
    Airplanes I’ve jetted in
    have projected a view like none other
    My car and bike and feet
    have even taken me to
    breathtaking postcard pictures
    of this planet earth

    Yet none
    I suspect
    comes near to magnitude of
    Who You are

    You are my worthy Resting Place

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  3. 19 February 2013

    Psalm 139 (NRSV):

    “Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is so high that I cannot attain it.”

    I look to the sky and sing:
    “Lord, I lift your name on high, Lord I love to sing your praises.
    I’m so glad you’re in my life
    So very glad you came to save us,
    You came from heaven to earth to show the way
    From the earth to the cross
    My debt to pay, from the cross to the grave
    From the grave to the sky,
    Lord I lift your name on high”
    Sing to the heights, Sing to the heavens
    Sing with the angels
    I sing to remember the past
    I sing to greet the future
    I sing to rejoice and give thanks
    To my Lord and Savior
    I lift your name on high!!!!

    (This should be the season of singing!!!!)

  4. I am late doing this, on the way to something else. I hastily look up and see that much more of the moon is revealed tonight. It seems only yesterday that there was a thin sliver of light, and now more of the landscape is revealed. Keep me reaching, Holy One. Reaching and stretching, learning how to be revealed, realising how fully known I am. As I am known and loved, so may I stretch and reach out in love and gentleness.

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