Isaiah 43:2

This day,
this step,
this path:

you have set me here
so then here I will walk
at my best, to your glory.

Let the storms wash my soul clean,
let the fires be harnessed for warmth,
let the raging river inspire passion not fear

For the LORD is with me as I pass through the waters.
By God’s mercy, the river shall not overwhelm me.
Even in the reckless fires, I will not be consumed.

6 thoughts on “Isaiah 43:2

  1. Rachel…it’s as though you are reading my heart. I find it so beautiful how the Holy Spirit orchestrates His comfort for us though miles upon miles separate.

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  3. fires harnessed … ah, how appropriate. In the Chinese elements I am a fire person and while I love sparking off ideas, and seeing the value of being soft glowing embers of warmth, there is something about a huge bonfire of sticks or lava flowing into rivers of orange that is also me. I do not mind the harnessing for usefulness, I do not mind reigning in for inclusion of others or being less to dance and lightly toast a marshmallow …. How lovely that the God who made us individuals out of His elements shows each of us our place and possibilities!
    God does not always quench a fire with water, sometimes He creates an intriguing mist … Thank you for sharing … Do you ever share your sermon writings? I’d like to read about how you present God in worship …

  4. Yes! Lovely how the elements — and each of us — can manifest ourselves with complexity to be life-nurturing in various ways, according to God’s call and grace! Thank you for reflecting upon the gifts of fire!

    (There is a “sermon” categories here on the blog, although I suspect that I haven’t posted a sermon for some time.)

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