Easter Sunday: Transformation

On this Easter Sunday, praying with Jesus in the last of his seven words … marking a beginning with words from the end: “Father, into your hands I commend my spirit.” (Luke 23:46)

My life in your hands.
My life, I daresay, out of hand
in the wake of this crazy, joyful twist:
the release of the spirit
out of itself,
unlike itself,
committed to you;
Ready to be
wildly different
wholly exhilarant
delightfully inventive
by the slight of your hand
as it holds my spirit, my life
gently before the blinding power
of Easter resurrection.


Part of the 2013 exhibit, “NE6: Kingdom Come,” at the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas


6 thoughts on “Easter Sunday: Transformation

  1. ‘Ready to be wildly different, wholly exhilarant, delightfully inventive’.
    Easter in us, Lord of life.
    Thank you Rachel for your words throughout Lent and into the Easter season.

  2. First times – exciting, unexpected, planned-for, wondering, longed-for, hoping, not-knowing, new, intense, shock, fear, joy, alone, together, daring, letting go, success or failure? eyes open, name called, voice found, song sung, life giving.
    Easter is like first times.
    “That which is Christ-like within us shall be crucified. It shall suffer and be broken.
    That which is Christ-like within us shall rise up. It shall love and create.” (Michael Leunig)

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