Advent: Goodbye

Still I wait.
Still I listen.
Still there is only
We have waited.
We have hoped.
Perhaps now
at long last
God will answer
the generations
who have cried.
But here —
here is a
for comfort
until God
comes. Unless
God doesn’t come.
Unless the desert
never blooms.
Unless the streams
never bubble in song.
What if…?
What if never?
Cry, creation, cry
and say farewell.
Salvation isn’t
coming for you.

on Isaiah 35:1-7

Advent: Estranged

Not too long since last we spoke
Not too long since last we sat together
And still I feel a chasm between us as though
Our spirits never connected, as though
A word never passed between us
As though we are estranged.
How long, O God,
Until our repartee
Is not so scant and shallow
Until our time together finds roots
And satisfies my soul even when apart?
Rebuild this bridge, O God, or teach me
So that I might no longer lose my way
To your presence or fail to linger
in contentment with You.

on Romans 15:5

Be Still

I wondered if you would come.
I wondered if you would just sidle up
and sit by my side to watch the river.
Of course if you decided to take time with me
I would wonder immediately how long
you might
no one stays.
We go, we leave, we wander,
we are sent — often in your name, often
at your urging. But I was thinking
it’d be nice instead to stay
to remain by the river
to set down roots that draw from and give life back to
the river, but to be secretly pleased all the while
that the river — and not me —
had somewhere to go.
Someday I hope
to be still long enough to be
but not today.
Today you don’t come
to sit with me. Today I take off running to find you
and somehow our paths never cross.
May those you found instead
be blessed by that
sweet holy presence
that tirelessly flowing river
I was missing.