A Canticle

Sing, daughter. Or whisper,
if breath and courage fail.
Hold on to God’s joy
like a life preserver
through disaster & storm.
Hum a lullaby for surrendering
to the Ground that holds the seas,
to the Wild Imagination that
spins distant galaxies.
Tune your harmony while
God writes the melody
of victory by love, of freedom
by the laughter of children,
and most of all of grace
by God’s dissolution of shame
until the whole earth has its tongue loosed
and its breath restored for singing.
Sing, daughter. Sing.

on Zephaniah 3:14-20

in an Advent mood

there will be hope
and so this day
i will spin its fairy tale
without snark or cynicism
with only imagination
and trust
in what God can do

there will be peace
and so this day
i will welcome a stranger
i will let my heart break
to read the news
i will believe
that God is mending

there will be joy
and so this day
i will laugh out loud
and share the abundance
of wonder and fellowship
those places
where God smiles

there will be love
and so this day
i will wink in its direction
in appreciation
of mystery’s beauty
and all the secrets
God has in store

Third Sunday in Lent (Ephemeral)

A wisp of wind, a passing moment, a grace note:
let me be glad just to have known it
grateful for the warm breath on my cheek
for the caring space between words for
the music which cannot be held.
At your invitation, O God, I will
be still and savor this life that is
so poignantly temporary
this sonata that builds and fades
like the moon in its
waxing and waning
never meant to remain
only meant for joy
only meant for tears.
One suspension of time,
one fleeting breeze
one kiss on my cheek
and my soul will be satisfied
for a lifetime
even if, O God,
you never draw near again
I will be glad.

Lent 4 (Rumba)

Just one step
toward the water
and another
toward an impossibility
Two steps then
a sidestep of hesitation
and now
we’re dancing:
approaching and turning
trusting and waiting
dreaming and fearing
a rumba with God
between a rock and a hard place
‘twixt Egypt and the Red Sea
doubt and deliverance
Just one step,
my God,
then another
toward your impossibility

Rejoice Always


I can’t.




O God beyond time, by your grace: May joy not be linear or sequential. May tomorrow’s triumphant reunion find us today. May your still-coming kindom wrap around and inform our yesterday. May the hope of ancient stories undergird our future. May joy be always, even when it is not.