Lent 32

There’s my Peace: rising with the sun
and kissing my face on the breeze.

There’s my Peace: laughing in conversation
and warming hands with mugs of hot tea.

There’s my Peace: standing in determined solidarity
and raising her fist against the pressures of hell.

There’s my Peace: walking when there’s no strength to run
and blooming before the calendar turns to spring.

There’s my Peace: She has not stopped shining and
showing up, though tears blurred my vision.

There’s my Peace: She  knows the playbook of every lullaby
and every rallying cry to embolden my spirit.

There’s my Peace: and at her side is Joy
and together we are unafraid.

on John 15:27

Lent 23

I am enveloped by your sweetness
as when a fog cloaks my skin and
fills my lungs with its cool silence;

I am a pebble lost in the fog, a chip
of stonework fallen and forgotten,
but for your keen eye and ingenuity;

I am a tile reimagined and reused
for the beauty of the whole, a flash
of indulgence like violet in a hay field;

I am the fleck of a purple star there
within the golden sunrise; and you —
you O God have believed me here!

on Psalm 8:3-4

What Job Asked

How long is your joy, O God?
How far is your delight?

Beyond the horizon
to the ends of the day.

How strong is your love, O God?
How quick is your compassion?

More than the lion’s roar
as it rushes to its prey.

How beautiful is your grace, O God?
How sweet is your goodness?

Like a baby’s first laugh
to the widow’s ear.

How wide is your embrace, O God?
How deep is your wisdom?

Greater than stories told by generations
that could fill the ocean’s canyons.

How soon is your grace, O God?
How sure is your faithfulness?

More certain than your next breath
from the blink of an eye to the setting of the sun.

on Job 38:4-6